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In partnership with the leading ESS supplier and chemical providers. We use state of the art disinfecting and sanitizing products. Do you have a plan to protect your staff and customers. Today's workplace rules for cleanliness are changing rapidly, and our experts are here to ensure you are up to speed!

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Since 1972, ERMC has delivered on the promise of “creating safe, clean and worry-free environments” for clients across the country

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Navigating this new world where consumer safety and hygiene in the work place is critical can be overwhelming. We are here to make it easy! Our system can give proof of presence to your customers that helps them feel safe.

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Why use different vendors for Janitorial and for ESS Services, let ERMC handle your facility as a full service provder and save.

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Companies around the world are trying to answer that question today, balancing the need to get business back to work and the modifications required to their existing cleaning and disinfecting programs. If you have questions, ERMC is here to help!


We are currently offering electrostatic spraying and disinfecting services to customers across the US today. Our trained staff has helped work with customers that are utilizing this new technology in their businesses today to make customers feel safe.


A couple of the key benefits of electrostatic spraying are the following;

Enhanced disinfection – ESS sprayers coat all surfaces in a retail, commercial, office, or warehouses with a quick drying wrap around mist.

Hospital grade chemicals – These powerful solutions completely sanitize the surfaces they adhere to, drying quickly and leaving a more thoroughly disinfected area than traditional hand held chemical sprayers.

Electrostatic sprayers and enhanced disinfecting solutions are available now, and we are ready to help!